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Clicking on an image will open a "viewport" where you can see it original size or shrunk to fit.
You will also be able to see where on the page images have been 'expanded' doesn't always make for a clearer image !

NB: mem size shown for animations can easily be doubled ! - it all depends on the differences between each 'frame' on the day.

Still with me ?
Very large physical size

A little 'un

Finally ...
Bloody HUGE graphic !

Pictures ...

.... In the days of steam radio, when modems were connected by a wet piece of string and ISPs charged for data in and out. It was considered bad design to have a web page and it's content greater than 120kB !!

If nothing else you could play a game of cards whilst it was downloading.

Now - People have forgotten all that because of high speeds, but their image memory sizes have become HUGE. No one seems to know how to resize or optimise for 'the web' anymore - not good.

So here is a page with lots of images, some look big but aren't in terms of memory size, some are heavy on memory because they are lengthy animations, and some are just BIG (18.5MB).

Give the visitor something to read (like you are doing now) in order to allow time for the first few images to load
If possible put the largest memory ones at the end of your lengthy list

To display on your page 'neatly' you just change the width / height attribute of the image, your layout will depend both on the 'quality' of a resized image and the normal width of your site (you may have two images side-by-side)

This page uses javascript to give an (upto full screen) image "viewport" with Photoswipe, which is controlled by an easypeasy 'wrapper' (jqPhotoSwipe [I discovered too late that it has ALL the files you need]).

If you would like the "scroll up" button

Sunrecorder Today
original 690px x 450px 19.1kB © komokaweather / Blake-Larsen
The above is the continuous bright sunshine recorded today in Komoka, ON Canada
Red bar = sunshine | Grey bar = no sunshine | Thin bar = no recording or future time
Vertical axis = sun position altitude; Horizontal axis = time of day from sunrise to sunset

original 1,024px x 768px 1.8MB ©
EC Weather Alerts
original 405px x 387px 12.1kB © Environment Canada
White area = No Alert | Grey area = Statement | Yellow area = Watch | Red area = Warning
Exeter Radar original 640px x 480px 666kB © Environment Canada / wunderground
Detroit Radar original 640px x 480px 390kB © NEXRAD / wunderground
Central Great Lakes sector loop original 600px x 571px 750kB ©
Meteo Map original 800px x 600px 1.3MB © Meteo Map
Meteo Map original 800px x 600px 2.1MB © Meteo Map
Ice Cover - Environment Canada original 2200px x 1700px 1.3MB © Environment Canada
Blitzortung Lightning Strikes Map original 623px x 454px 750kB © Blitzortung
EC Current Conditions Map original 600px x 523px 34kB © Environment Canada
EC Current Conditions Map original 900px x 683px 280kB © Environment Canada
EC Satellite Image original 900px x 700px 174kB © Environment Canada / NOAA
EC Satellite Image original 900px x 700px 176kB © Environment Canada / NOAA
Attilla Danko and Canadian Meteorological Center original 688px x 242px 14.5kB © Attilla Danko / Canadian Meteorological Center
Bloody HUGE Graphic original 4571px x 2571px 18.9MB © NASA
Another beteljuice plaything