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Cumulus MONTH file to MeteoBridge format IMPORT file converter

Make sure you select your 'native' Units Of Measure correctly, then browse to your PC Cumulus month log file. (eg. Aug09log.txt).

Then 'Upload'. If sucessful you will be given a link to the converted format file which you can IMPORT to MeteoBridge.

The file name will be in the form of eg. Aug09log_MB.txt which you should save on your PC.

Use 'debug' box on your first run and double-check that the values look reasonable

After first run you can keep uploading files and UOM will be remembered

Multiple file selection allowed - ie. marking a year of logs will produce a 'zip' file of the logs

  Units Of Measure  
Temp: °C    °F
Baro: hPa   mb   in/Hg
Wind: mph   km/h m/s  kt
Rain: mm    in

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